Gone But Not Forgotten

A picture of a woman in front of flowers.

HART Pantry is sad to hear of the passing of one of our very special friends, Sandy Hill, from the Belleview Heights Baptist Church in Sun City. Sandy cared deeply about and arranged so much help for our at-risk and homeless teens. She will be sorely missed, and we ask for prayers for her family and friends.

A group of women sitting at tables with papers.

HART Pantry would like to express their condolences to Ruthanne Bilkey's family as we have heard of her recent passing. Ruthanne was part of the amazing women at the Church of the Palms UCC in Sun City who made 150 hats and soap bags for our at-risk teens. They have been making hats and soap holders for the HART Pantry since the Pantry started. These ladies work all year long to make these items and then donate them to the Pantry around Christmastime. It is amazing people like Ruthanne that make a difference to our at-risk teens, and we feel very fortunate to have known Ruthanne and grateful that she helped HART Pantry all these years. Ruthanne, you will be missed.

Darleen Champion

It is with much sadness that HART Pantry has lost our friend and long time volunteer, Darleen Champion. Darleen volunteered with HART Pantry for 5 years, delivering 150 or more loaves of bread from the Olive Branch Senior Center each week to pack into our At-Risk teens bags. She delivered them, double wrapped them and put them into our freezers for future weekend food bags. She was affectionately called "our bread lady". We shall miss you Darleen, and we extend our deepest sympathy to your family.

A woman sitting in front of a box full of food.